Welcome to T&S Elite Security Services Inc.

T&S Elite Security counts on you to enrich the lives of our valued clients and as such we take the Well-being of our staff very seriously. We encourage a safe and sound workplace for our employees. As the member of T&S Elite Security services team our training and development will establish an appropriate Career for you.

Code of Business Conduct

Our “T&S Elite Security way” Code of Business Conduct are very simple.

  • We protect the company assets and information.
  • We understand and comply with rules, Law and Regulations
  • We obtain competitive information in a legal manner.
  • We respect and maintain the privacy of information belonging to our employees and customers.
  • We do not tolerate any form of abuse, harassment and other forms of distressful and inappropriate
    behavior towards our employees.
  • We always take business decision in the best interest of the company.

T&S Elite Security Culture

As member of the T&S Elite Security services family, we know that the way we treat each other and interact with clients and competitors is an important reflection of our culture, value and brand.

When treating T&S Elite Security way:
We lead by example and our words are consistent with our actions.

  • We believe in open communication and transparency.
  • We appreciate the effort of our employees and clients.
  • We value honesty, integrity and respect.
  • We are all accountable and innovative team members.

Join us